Trivial AC Nerfs

We’ve found that it’s too easy for low-level PCs to get an AC that’s rarely hit by low-level monsters. As such:

  • Plate armor is not available for purchase. It may be found during play, but is only for sale in the way that magic items might be (ie: spending downtime days in addition to gold)
  • The magic from a Magic shields and Magic armor doesn’t stack: only the higher bonus applies. If you have +1 splint mail and a +2 shield, your armor class is 21 (17 for the splint mail, +2 for the shield, +2 for the magic of the shield).
  • You can not have both a ring and cloak of protection.

Rulings and trivial changes


The “Use an Object” action ban be performed with either an action or a Bonus Action when the item being used is a potion.

Goodberry and Life Clerics.

“Bonuses to healing do not affect the healing provided by a given berry, however such a bonus does increase the number of berries increased by one berry per point of bonus. For example, if a Life Cleric somehow had access to this spell, then each casting would create 13 berries”

Heavy Armor Master and Slashing/Piercing/Bludgeoning Resistance

Subtract the 3 from the damage you take before dividing in half, as per page 197. (“Resistance […] are applied after all other modifiers to damage”)

Other item changes

Bracers of Defense

Bracers of defense come in +1/2/3 variants, as per normal magic armor, don’t require attunement, and give that bonus to armor class to those who are wearing no armor (ie: usually used by those with alternate AC features). It also won’t stack with a magic shield.

Stat boosting items

Don’t expect to find any Gauntlet’s of Ogre Power, or gloves of dexterity or the like, nor are such items craftable. Variants that give boosts to the relevant ability score might exist.


Class specific changes


Totem Barbarians

Rage benefits still only apply if you aren’t wearing heavy armor.

Berserker Barbarians

Remove the last sentence in the description of Frenzy (Frenzy no longer causes exhaustion)



At level 2, you can wildshape once per short or long rest. At level 5, this increases to twice per rest. At level 11 this increases to 3 times per rest.

Moon Druids Wildshape

Moon druids of level 2 can wildshape into creatures of CR 1/2. This increases to CR 1 at level 3, and by one more every two additional Druid levels. (So CR 2 at level 5, CR 3 at 7 and so on)


At level 6, you gain a +1 bonus to attacks and damage of your unarmed strike (not with any weapons, just with unarmed strike). This increases to +2 at level 11, and to +3 at level 14. This bonus does not apply if you have any other source of a +1 to +3 bonus to both hit and damage with your unarmed attacks.

Step of the Wind: “, and you can use Dexterity instead of Strength to determine your jump distance and height”

Monk’s Unarmed damage changes slightly: from level 14 up, it does d10. From level 17 up, it does d12.


Fighting style: At 6th level, you gain a feat based on the fighting style you chose at ranger level 2. If you do not meet the prerequisites for the feat, you can not gain it’s benefit until you meet it’s prerequisites. If you ineligible to gain the specified feat (due to already having it, or already having an expertise feat if the new feat is also an expertise feat), you instead gain an extra Ability Score Improvement (which can be used for a feat as usual)

  • Archery: Sharpshooter
  • Defense: Shield Master
  • Dueling: Defensive Duelist
  • Two-Weapon Fighting: Dual Wielder



Contagion has an effect immediately, but is “the target can repeat the save at the end of each of it’s turns (ignoring any disadvantage caused by the spell). On a successful save, the spell ends”.

Eldritch Blast

Replace the 2nd paragraph with the following.

“Choose one of the following: The spell creates more than one beam when you reach higher levels in the class that has this spell in it’s spell list: two beams at 5th class level, three at 11th class level and four beams at 17th class level. You can direct the beams at the same target or at different onces. Make a separate attack roll for each beam.

If you only have one beam, the spell’s damage increases by 1d10 when you reach 5th level (to 2d10), 11th level (3d10), and 17th level (4d10)"

Hex and Hunter’s Mark

Hex’s duration is changed to: "Concentration, up to 1 hour or until a short or long rest.

The Hex and Hunter’s Mark spells are changed to do scaling damage by level of the slot, but only apply once per turn. “Until the spell ends, you deal an extra 1d6 { Hex : necrotic} damage to the target the first time you hit it each turn with a { Hunter’s :weapon} attack” The “At Higher Levels” section adds the following to the end: “In addition, the extra damage increases by 1d6 per spell slot used above 1st, to a maximum of 5d6.”



See Eberron v1.1 PDF, except that it’s +2 str (or Dex) instead of +1, and gain double your proficiency bonus on checks involving mechnical workings.


Expertise Feats

An Expertise feat has an additional prerequisite: “No other expertise feats”. You may have only one per PC. They are likely to be a bit more powerful than other feats.

See the Expertise Reasoning page for more mutterings/reasoning.

Backstabber (Expertise)

Prerequisite: has the Sneak Attack class feature, and has no other Expertise feats
Benefit: Your sneak attack increases by 1d6. At the 5th level of the class granting the sneak attack feature, it increases to 2d6, and to 3d6 at the 11th level of that class.

Crossbow Expert (Expertise)

Becomes an Expertise feat (and gains the additional prerequisite as such)

Favored Hunter (Expertise)

Prerequisite: has the Favored Enemy class feature, and has no other Expertise feats
Benefit: When you hit a favored enemy with a weapon attack, your attack does extra damage equal to the expertise bonus you would have from just your levels in the class granting the favored enemy class feature.

Great Weapon Master (Expertise)

Becomes an Expertise feat (and gains the additional prerequisite as such)

Martial Adept (Expertise)

Becomes an Expertise feat (and gains the additional prerequisite as such).

At character level 11, you gain two mastery dice instead of just one.

If you already have mastery dice, then the new die is the same size as your existing dice. At 6th level of the class that gives you expertise dice, the size of all your expertise dice increases by one step. (From 1d8 to 1d10, from 1d10 to 1d12, and from 1d12 to 2d8)

Resounding Thunder (Expertise)

Prerequisite: has the ability to cast a spell that does thunder or force damage, and has no other Expertise feats
Benefit: When you deal thunder damage with a spell of 1st level or higher, the targets of your spell that are “large” or smaller must make a Strength save or be pushed away from the spell’s origin by 10 feet and be knocked prone. If there is only one target of the spell, that save is made with disadvantage.

Also, increase one attribute by one point, to a maximum of 20.

SharpShooter (Expertise)

Becomes an Expertise feat (and gains the additional prerequisite as such)

Unarmed Master (Expertise)

Prerequisite: has an Unarmed Strike class feature, and has no other Expertise feats
Benefit: The damage done by your unarmed strike increases by one die size, as if you were higher level in any of your classes that gave you the Unarmed Strike class feature.

At level 13 in the qualifying class, this changes to be increased by two dice sizes instead: if your unarmed damage was originally 1d8, it’s changed to 2d6, if it was originally 1d10 it’s changed to 2d8, and if it was 1d12, then 2d10.

General New Feats

If you have an idea for a general feat, ask. The guidance is that a general feat should not increase your DPR, it should increase your options.

Monk Weapons Master

Prerequisite: has an Martial Arts class feature.
Benefit: increase your Strength or Dexterity by 1, to a maximum of 20.

Also, pick one non-two-handed melee weapon you’re proficient in (such as a longsword). That weapon becomes a class weapon (“Monk Weapon”) for the purpose of your class features in the class that granted you the Martial Arts class feature (Monk)

Class Tweaks


Champion Fighter

You may chose to replace both the Improved and Superior Critical features with the following feature:
Just Better At This: Starting at 3rd level, your attacks deal 1d6 extra damage on a hit. This improves to 1d8 at 7th level, 1d10 at 10th level, and 1d12 at 15th level.

Proposals (not valid)

See "House Rule Proposals


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