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Episodic D&D

D&D 5e game, with rotating DMs. Adventures are expected to be episodic – so to make it cleaner to switch between DMs. If you play, you’ll be required to run.

For rules, we’re based off of the Adventurer’s League rules, with some minor and major modifications. New players/characters will come in at an appropriate level for the group so far (1st) with just the starting equipment.

Download AL Rules: DD-Adventurers-League-Players-Guide-3.0.pdf

As a quick summary of the character creation rules:

  • Character options from the PHB are all in play. Not from the DMG.
  • Pick one additional resource for your character (see “Access” below)
  • Nothing rolled during character creation. Point buy, fixed HP/level
  • Backgrounds, feats, alternate human racial features all in play.

You only get unlimited rebuilds until your character levels for the 1st time after creation. In addition, we allow a small number of character “rebuilds” after 4th level. One rebuild per “tier” sounds about right. (1-4, 5-10, 11-16, 17+)

Also, there are more Downtime options. You can craft magic items (even if not a spellcaster) from the PHB or your core book, and also from from the DMG with approval. If the item is not from your books, then you must craft it as if the item is one level of rarity higher than it is.


When you build your character, pick one (1) single extra book. You gain access to options in that book. For example, if you picked the Sword Coast Adventurer’s guide, you could pick Green Flame Blade as a cantrip, or build the sorcerer subclass from that book.

This does not have to be a normal PC option book: for example a Wildshape focused druid could reasonably choose Monster Manual as their extra source to gain access to forms outside of the PHB

Having access to that one book does not prevent you from receiving rewards from the DM from another book (like the DMG, for example), but it does prevent you from choosing options outside of that book during level up or rebuild.

You may change your book during a full rebuild.

Book options are:

  • Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, or any other WotC produced 5e sourcebook
  • Any Unearthed Arcana article (post 5e release), with DM approval
  • Any 3rd party book reviewed in an Unearthed Arcana article or other WotC article, with DM approval
  • Any 3rd party 5e book from DMsGuild, after extensive DM review and modification.

House Rules

See house-rules for the rest of the house rules. (Generally, small balancing tweaks)

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