Expertise Reasoning

Balancing Great Weapon Mastery / Sharpshooter (Musings)

Expected damage boost from these feats is about “10/2-(7+5)/4 = 2”, but if your chance of hitting was 100%, it’s more like 10-3=7. Two damage is large for a feat, but seven per attack is just silly. However, this type of feat encourages teamwork, which is a feature, and keeps combat from grinding (also a feature).

Comparable feats might be “+Half-Proficiency bonus to damage of unarmed attacks” for monks, or “+1/2/4d6 to sneak attack” for a rogue. So I’m open to brainstorming for other roughly-equivalent feats for other classes and/or fighting styles. However we’ll tag the feats in some way to say that any given PC can only have one of them. (“Expertise Feats”)


Great Weapon Master, as it exists


no good ideas (Inspirations are already per-short-rest after level 5)

Cleric, Druid, Sorc, Warlock, Wizard

No good ideas. Maybe they don’t need them, because AoE damage is already a really really really good thing to specialize in? Maybe something for wildshape druids (+1/1/2/2 die sizes to beast claw attacks?)

Fighter (Battlemaster)

Two extra superiority die, and a die size boost? (the existing “weapon master MC feat” as modified below)
Great Weapon Mastery, as it exists


Unarmed Master


Add 1d8 to base damage of smite (so 3d8 + 1d8 per spell level)


Favored Hunter
Sharpshooter, as it exists.



Expertise Reasoning

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